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Diamond Spa

Diamond Spa

21st Century Revolutionary Bathing Concept

Tap water filtered by DIAMOND SPA becomes quality mineral water that is rich in negative ions and permeates the skin easily. Despite merely cleaning your body, every shower becomes a treatment, pampering even the most neglected parts of your skin. With your skin and scalp conditions improved, you'll have to do less for skincare and haircare, therefore saving money, time and trouble.

  1. High Density Filtron™ Filter: Filters out contaminants 10 times finer than a strand of human hair such as silt, rust and heavy metals.
  2. Multi-layer Filter: Completely removes skin-damaging chlorine and chemicals.
  3. Shower Head with Negative Ions: Negative ions permeates deep into the skin and scalp, increasing the skin's antioxidant ability, deeply moisturizing the skin, increasing repair ability, and providing a higher defence against aging. It also helps eliminate hair-loss and balding problems.
Product characteristics Removes chlorine from water high-tech S300 mineral ceramic beads revolutionary Filtron filtering technology negative ions make the skin healthier.
Filtration volume 7L per minute (Pressure range approximately 40psi)
Suitable water pressure 10 bar/ 145 psi
Maximum water temperature 80c
Product measurements 324mm(W) x 165.5mm(D) x 438mm(H)
Product weight 7.7kg (9.5kg when filled with water)

Product Benefits

How do we combat the main cause of damaged skin and dry hair?
These days the market is flooded with all types of skincare products, but seldom of them can overcome the root cause of our hair and skin problems - the water and air we use everyday. If we use in showers the water re-polluted with rust, chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants, our skin will then look dull and rough, and our hair dry and weak, ultimately leads to an unhealthy-looking, fatigued appearance. However, it is quite impossible and tedious to pamper the whole body with that small quantity of expensive skincare product twice a day. Some may resort to having milk baths, herbal spas or aromatherapy in order to have beautiful skin from top to toe; this may be truly effective, but it is far too expensive an indulgence, and hence impossible to make it a daily routine.

Shower with your very own Spa System at home
With Diamond Spa home aqua-therapy system, you can effectively solve all the above problems. Diamond Spa uses a high-density Filtron filter to filter contaminants that are 10 times finer than a strand of human hair, like silt and rust. With another multi-layer filter containing natural mineral stones, chlorine and other chemical contaminants that do damage to the skin are completely removed, making the clean water healthier and more easily absorbed. It also contains anti-oxidant functions, thus penetrates more effectively into skin cells and restores the skin elasticity and glow. In order to combat damage to the skin and hair caused by air pollution, this healthy water is also enriched with Vitamin C, providing ample nourishment to our bodies. In other words, Diamond Spa allows you to enjoy skin and hair therapy every time you shower. It is currently the most convenient, effective and affordable solution!

All skin and hair problems are solved once and for all.

- Keeps the skin moisturised in deep layers
- Enhances the repairing abilities of the skin
- Strengthens the anti-oxidation power with Vitamin C
- Moisturizes the skin of the scalp
- Restores the elasticity of skin
- Reduces sensitive skin reactions
- Retains water and restores luster of the skin
- Enlivens the skin
- Makes the skin healthier and youthful

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Tap water filtered by DIAMOND SPA becomes quality mineral water...


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