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Diamond Water Bar Dispenser

Diamond Water Bar Dispenser

Keeps you away from
unhealthy re-boiled water


DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar has utilized new 3-second instant heat technology and has replaced the traditional heat components in the dispenser. It increases the boiling rate up to 100 times and heats up water in 3 seconds. By pressing a button, you can enjoy fresh hot water within 3 seconds. This new device not only shortens the boiling time of water but avoid reboiling to release such harmful chemicals. It protects the health of your family.

The Symbol of Elegant

She is elegant, beautiful, simple, exquisite. 

She is the Stylish Living Art in your kitchen.




Product Specification

Power Voltage: 220V-240V / 50Hz

Rated Consuming Power: 2200watt 

Size : 338mm (L) x 160mm (W) x 377mm (H) 

Standby Power:<2 watt 

Product Waight: 5kg

Hot Water: >85°C

Water Yield (Hot water) : Hot water : 350 - 450cc / per minute 

Warm Water: 45°C

Water Yield (Warm water) : >450cc /per minute



Smart and Convenient Design &
Slim in Size

Making baby’s formula can now be done automatically in just 15 seconds with a press of the button! No more hassle and hurry-scurry with Diamond Coral WaterBar! If you’re a new parent

No more hassle and haste with
Diamond Coral WaterBar’s 3-sec Instant Warm Water Technology


State-of-the-state 3-second instant heat technology
50°C warm water for making baby’s formula milk in just 3 seconds
No mixing hot & cold water, no hassle!
No testing water temperature with your wrist
Does not destroy heat-sensitive nutrients in milk
Ideal temperature safe for baby to drink
Compact and convenient design for placing in the bedroom







Diamond Product


Diamond crazily loves and respects water... Non Electronic Alkaline Water... Refined Water Refined Live...


Tap water filtered by DIAMOND SPA becomes quality mineral water...


DIAMOND Water Bar brings to your home an uninterrupted supply room and ...

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