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Super Offer, 5 Years Free Filter Replacement

DIAMOND CORAL is the masterpiece created by renowned European Designer. She is stylish, refined, perfect, elegant. She is the art of living in modern kitchen. She is created with reference to the principle of natural water, using variety ofnatural purifying materials. DIAMOND CORAL does not produce acidic water. Various mineral ores contained in DIAMOND CORAL, including natural Maifan stone and coral calcium mineralized the purified water, and produce mineral enriched alkaline water that benefits human body. DIAMOND CORAL takes care of you and your family health. 

DIAMOND Super Offer! Free 5 Years Filters, you can enjoy the 5-year service package filter replacement, in addition to own a brand new coral alkaline water machineDIAMOND CORAL with monthly fee as low as SGD $41


All Brands Trade-in to
The World's First Refined Water Machine 


Old Water Filter... Wasted if you throw it, unsafe if you use it, what can you do? Don't worry, let us help you to change to NEW water machine! No matter the brands or years of usage of your water filter, you can now trade in for an unbelievable High Value, and use this value to exchange 5 years FREE filters replacement and maintenance on DIAMOND Coral - World's First Refined Water Machine! The Greatest Offer Ever! Register now with your current old filter system.(T&C applied)

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You will have special access to feel the charm of the world's first Refined Water Machine DIAMOND Coral at home!

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DIAMOND will send a unit of "The World's First Refined Water Machine" to your house, so you can see its 720 degree beauty in full dimensions for yourself. You, your family & friends can also feel it, touch it and place it in every corner of your home to find the perfect location for it.


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Diamond crazily loves and respects water... Non Electronic Alkaline Water... Refined Water Refined Live...


Tap water filtered by DIAMOND SPA becomes quality mineral water...


DIAMOND Water Bar brings to your home an uninterrupted supply room and ...

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